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Buyer beware...
11 February 2019
Reviewer: Willie Miranda from Fl

40 of 84 people found this review helpful

Last year I dumped my external backup drive to have a "more secure" off site backup alternative. (BIG MISTAKE) I saw many promotions on their service, everything made sense. Cost was reasonable and all that.

So I enrolled. Made sure that all my files were backed up through their app and all of that.
One day My hard drive crashed... OMG,,, well no worries, Carbonite has my files backed up.

I proceeded to restore my files. Surprisingly I noticed that my restore was going WAY SLOOOOOW. I diagnosed my network, new hard drive and internet connection.

I have 400 Mbps internet service... Well I found our that after all my download was not exceeding 3 Mbps. I proceeded to call tech support and after many attempts and escalations the told me that that was the maximum throughput I will ever need. That no matter which plan I enrolled their technology will not allow for greater speed because they do one file at the time,,, they encrypt and then decrypt,,,, they cant do it any faster.
So, be prepared to wait weeks for your download to complete.

Just don't expose yourself to this scam... It will NOT save you when you... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Carbonite to a friend.

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Beware - all your files are NOT safe with Carbonite!
02 October 2013
Reviewer: Luke from USA

192 of 367 people found this review helpful

I suspect that a lot of people using Carbonite have no idea that many of their files are NOT backed up. Carbonite doesn't mention it in their sales pitch, but when you read the fine print in the support pages you'll find that Carbonite will only back up certain file types. This policy is especially problematic for those of us that use atypical file types.

As a software engineer I have large directories full of source code that is extremely important to keep backed up. The problem is that Carbonite won't automatically backup any file types that it doesn't recognize! Also it ignores certain file types like movies or applications BY DESIGN. I work with hundreds of different file types, (some auto-generated), and the effort required to go around and specifically force individual files to be backed up is a nightmare. A backup system should backup ALL file types and only ignore the ones that we specifically tell it to ignore! Carbonite has it backwards!!

If you have a lot of home movies from your camcorder that you want backup you have to be really diligent to make sure that all the folders have avi/mov/mp4/3gp/m4v/ogg files setup for backup. If you... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Carbonite to a friend.

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Buyer beware!
27 July 2013
Reviewer: Cappyjoe from San Antonio, Tx

202 of 360 people found this review helpful

They do a great job of marketing I must admit, and speed a lot of money doing it.buy the same token they are keen to take your money and promise you the moon. But just try to recover lost files. You're up a creek and customer support abysmal.

In summary, I would not recommend Carbonite to a friend.

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Watch out for Auto-Renew and NO Refunds
02 October 2012
Reviewer: Dberky from Utah, USA

169 of 376 people found this review helpful

Watch out for the Carbonite auto-renew and the NO refund clause buried in their extensive Terms of Service document. I tried Carbonite after Mozy raised their prices through the roof. After an initial burst of backing up files the "throttled" speed was so slow that it was going to take 6 months to finish my 250GB backup - so much for unlimited storage. I stopped using Carbonite and uninstalled it over 9 months ago. They hit me at the end of July for a surprise auto-renew. I went to their website and used a contact form to ask them to cancel the renewal and give me a refund. No response from them for 2 months. Finally I replied to the invoice they sent me and they did reply but pointed out that they give NO refunds AFTER you have paid. I did't realize or remember that the account would auto-renew - they don't tell you that when you register for an account unless you read their 3400+word Terms of Service agreement and they DO NOT tell you anywhere on their emailed signup/Invoice/Welcome documents about the auto-renew feature. A great way to steal one more year's worth of... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Carbonite to a friend.

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