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DriveHQ is an enterprise level online storage and backup provider with millions of users worldwide. Although aimed at business users, DriveHQ also caters for cash-strapped individuals by offering free memberships and low cost subscription options. The service is professional and high quality but still easy enough to use for novices.

DriveHQ actually offers many different tools (online storage, online backup, FTP server hosting and email server hosting) bundled up into one package. We will concentrate mainly on the online storage side of things in this review, but you should be aware that many other tools can come as part of a package, so we have factored this into our "Value for Money" star rating parameter. Each tool also comes with its own user-friendly, proprietary software to help you make the most of it. In fact, combining a range of these tools could provide most of your IT infrastructure.

The online storage tool can be accessed through the downloadable desktop client, the web-based interface or an FTP client of your choice. The desktop file manager software is available for Windows or Mac users, with Linux users having to make do with FTP or WebDAV software. However, each method is very easy to use and DriveHQ provides help to get you set up with an FTP client if you don't have one. Their proprietary software for uploading files is excellent and provides robust functionality for uploading large files, using incremental backup to save on time and bandwidth. It will also let you automatically back up your files to your online space either in real time or at scheduled intervals.

Security is, as you would hope for a business-level service, well implemented and thorough. All uploads are handled using 128-bit SSL encryption, which is the current standard. Files can also be stored in encrypted form so that not even the data center managers can view them. This will be very useful for anyone dealing with critical business documents and sensitive information.

Being aimed at businesses, DriveHQ offers a host of online collaboration features. Multiple user accounts, with different group level access controls, can be managed by administrators. This makes it easy to set up communal folders where one group of people can collaborate on documents. The local folder synchronization options mean that everyone in the group can automatically be updated with the most recent version of each document in the shared folder. DriveHQ maintains versioning control on all your files so it is easy to revert to any previous version at the click of a button, if you accidentally overwrite a newer version of a file. By default, DriveHQ stores up to 10 versions of each file, so you can revert to an old version of a file that has been overwritten up to 10 times.

DriveHQ is designed to achieve 99.99% uptime in any given year. Enterprise Customers also benefit from a Service Level Agreement (SLA) whereby DriveHQ will issue credits amounting to 15% or 30% if uptime falls below 99.90% or 99% respectively (some T&C apply).

Large Enterprise customers may be interested to see that when it comes to low-cost "raw" storage providers, DriveHQ matches, and in many cases surpasses, rivals like Amazon Simple Storage Solution (S3) on both functionality and price. For example, DriveHQ prices are as low as $6/user/year. This contrasts hugely with the prices of the other big players in the industry, such as DropBox and Box.com.

DriveHQ have also recently introduced a rather unique feature for Enterprise customers who need to upload terabytes of data in a relatively short time-frame. Customers can now copy files to an external drive, ship the drive to DriveHQ for fast upload directly from the data center. Obviously if your data is sensitive then you may not want to go this route, but if you simply want to upload masses of HD video (e.g. if you're a videographer) then this rather unique service could save you a lot of time and hassle.

The Free Account offers just 1 GB of storage space and 200 MB of downloads per month as standard. However, for no additional cost, this can be increased to 5 GB of storage and 1 GB of download bytes per month simply by using the DriveHQ software, i.e. FileManager, OnlineBackup, FTP hosting service, upgrade to a (free) group account, share a folder to a non-DriveHQ user, etc. This is quite a novel way of making people realize just how many great features they have at their disposal (for free). Presumably, many of those features will become indispensible to many of those users over time, so when the 5 GB and 1 GB thresholds are reached they will probably decide that it is well-worth upgrading to a Premium Service. An interesting business model. So although DriveHQ doesn't offer much free storage space, what it does offer is a top class service at a very reasonable price.

DriveHQ have put together a comparison chart to enable users to better compare their features and prices with those of some of the other big players out there. You can take a look here.

DriveHQ is a robust and reliable service with one of the most impressive arrays of software features in the industry and a pricing model hat's hard to beat. If you're still unsure what online storage solution is right for you, we would recommend signing up for a Free Account with DriveHQ. It only takes a few seconds to sign up (just enter a username, valid email address and password). No credit card details are required. You will then be able to quickly see exactly how DriveHQ works and whether it will suit your requirements.

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