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My PC Backup Review

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My PC Backup (at MyPCBackup.com) is from the makers of JustCloud and offers the same service, a similar feature set and identical pricing plans. MyPCBackup also offers unlimited storage on its Unlimited plan (see costs above), which very few other online storage services offer at any price. Most other services offer a maximum of anywhere between 5Gb to 20Gb of storage space for personal users and anywhere from 20Gb to 100Gb for professional users, with an additional cost per additional Gb of storage space required. The prices quoted for these other services are very high for these large storage amounts, and additional caps are imposed on the the amount of data you can transfer to the cloud each month. There are no such limits on MyPCBackup's Unlimited package, allowing you to store and transfer as much data as you like. The prices are also flexible and highly competitive, offering unlimited storage for the same price as the entry-level plans offered by many of its competitors. The same applies to its sister site JustCloud, so whichever service you decide to sign-up with, you'll be getting maximum storage space and unlimited transfers for minimum expense. There is no compromise on features either, with both services offering industry-leading features.

The first thing you'll want to do after signing up to MyPCBackup.com is to download their desktop client. This client runs in the background of your primary computer and is responsible for ensuring that your files and folders are kept backed up on the cloud. First you'll select the files and folders you wish to backup to the cloud and then the backup process will start. Depending on the size and number of files you have and your internet speed, this initial backup can take quite some time. However, this only needs to be done once. Once all your selected files and folders are backed up to the cloud, MyPCBackup's desktop client will ensure that any new files, modified files and deleted files are also backed up to the cloud. This backup process can be scheduled to run hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or on user command. Only new, modified and deleted files are backed up each time, and MyPCBackup's desktop client automatically detects which files these are - there is obviously no need to re-backup all your unchanged files each time. This saves a huge amount of time and bandwidth and ensures that the scheduled backups occur quickly in the background without you even knowing it's being done.

Security is obviously a big concern for every online storage service. MyPCBackup has this covered with military-grade 256-bit SSL (Secured Socket Layer) encryption - double the encryption bit rate offered by most other online storage services. Before being transferred, your files are encrypted so that even if they are intercepted during the transfer process, they will be unreadable without the required key. Your files are then stored in the cloud using the same level of encryption. MyPCBackup uses Amazon's S3 web service to securely store your data in multiple data centers across multiple locations, meaning that the chances of losing a file are virtually zero.

MyPCBackup also includes file versioning, whereby previous backed-up versions of all your files are kept stored online. This means that if you ever corrupt or accidentally delete a file, you can revert to a previous saved version. This sort of file versioning, often used by programmers on the files they work on, is normally only available from specialized document version control websites, but is included in MyPCBackup as standard.

MyPCBackup also allows you to synchronize files between multiple machines. Let's say you have a folder on your computer at work containing work files and you modify some of the files in work. You also have a copy of the same folder on your PC at home that you work on occasionally and you modify some files at home. MyPCBackup will allow you to sync both versions, bringing both folders up to date with the latest versions of the files you modified last. Got a business laptop that you use for travelling to conferences and meetings? No problem. MyPCBackup will also sync your laptop with your home and work PCs too, keeping multiple computers up to date with all the latest versions of all your files.

File sharing is also easy with MyPCBackup. You can publicly or privately share files with work colleagues, friends or family. You can also control their file permissions, allowing them to view files but not edit or delete them, for instance. You can also set expiration dates on privately created links to files and folders you wish to share.

If all of this sounds complicated, don't worry. The makers of MyPCBackup are only too aware that not everyone is a computer expert and have made their software very easy to use. Computer-savvy users can use some of the advanced features to set file permissions and sync between multiple computers. On the other hand, those with only a basic knowledge can restrict themselves to the core functionality of simply choosing which files and folders they want to back up and then forgetting about it, safe in the knowledge that their data is being backed up regularly in the background without them even knowing about it. MyPCBackup is extremely easy to use and comes with an extensive knowledge base of FAQs and helpful tutorials to get you started. If ever you need to restore individual files or folders or even restore all your backed up data to your computer, then this can be done easily with a few clicks of the mouse.

Gone are the days where you need to fiddle around with flash drives and portable hard drives to back up your data. Online storage sites like MyPCBackup make backing up your data easier and safer than ever before.

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