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Category: Online File Storage & Data Backup Sites (AKA Online Cloud Storage Services)
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NovaStor Review

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Novastor is a company that provides a wide range of enterprise level public and private cloud solutions. Most of what they provide is out of the scope of this category, but one of their products, NovaBackup Professional can fit in neatly as part of an online backup solution. It is a high end piece of software with a price tag to suit, but if your business is looking for a reliable automated backup tool then Novastor could be worth a look.

Unlike most of the products in this category NovaBackup Professional isn't an online service that provides space in the cloud to store your files. What you get when you purchase a license is just the software that allows you to configure your PC to backup automatically to a range of different local and remote locations. If you want to use it as an online backup tool you will have to purchase online storage space separately from a supported Novastor provider. Aside from affiliated companies it is also possible to backup to Amazon's S3 service or to anywhere that supports FTP uploads.

Once you have purchased a license for NovaBackup Professional you can download it and install it in just a few minutes. If you want a physical copy of the CD you can order one, but you do have to pay quite a bit extra for it. The installation process ran pretty smoothly for us and we didn't have any problems. Once installed there are a number of wizards that take you through configuring what you want backed up and where you want it backed up to. These do the job, but we didn't think they were quite as easy to use as advertised. There were also a number of little annoyances throughout the process, but we did manage to configure a backup relatively easily.

Once you have your backup schedule configured, NovaBackup is a very reliable product and will run in the background silently backing up your files forever more. It is even possible to back up an entire disk image so that if your hard drive blows up you can restore a new one to the exact same state as before the disaster. Businesses will no doubt appreciate the number of different options there are for backing up to – including Blu-Ray and tape drives, but we wouldn't recommend home users try to set all this up without very good reason!

NovaBackup Professional is worth considering if your business is looking for a highly configurable and reliable automated backup tool. It probably isn't suited to large scale enterprise, but would do the job well for small to medium sized businesses. Home users might want to look elsewhere for a more consumer level service with a price to match and a good place to start looking is our top ten list!

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