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Mozy Review

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Mozy is one of the biggest successes to come out of Silicon Valley in recent years. It has grown amazingly quickly from a small startup to a large and well respected provider of online backup solutions to home and business users. Its appeal is in its simplicity and as such it doesn't offer hundreds of different features and fancy extras. Instead, it concentrated on doing one thing very well and very reliably. We think businesses will get the most out of a Mozy solution, but home users shouldn't overlook the benefits of signing up to this high quality backup service.

Mozy's feature set possibly doesn't look quite as full as some of its competitors, but be assured that this is a deliberate decision rather than an oversight on the company's part. Mozy is in the business of highly reliable, secure and cost effective online backup solutions and it clearly doesn't want to start adding extra features that may detract from the main service. So if you're a home user looking for a cloud solution that can stream your music and videos Mozy won't be for you, but if you are worried about the security and continuity of your files it will definitely do the job.

Mozy's home user service is incredibly good value at only £4.99 per month for all the storage space you need to backup the contents of your computer. This is the only option available, aside from the discounts available for annual subscriptions, so it makes it very easy to see exactly what you are getting. The plan allows you to install the Mozy software on your computer which can then be set to do regular scheduled backups or continuously back things up as you are working. With some services all this uploading to the cloud can use a lot of your internet connection's bandwidth, but Mozy does some clever processing so that only the changes to your files are uploaded. This means that after your first backup things should run very quickly and smoothly, but if you still find too much of your bandwidth being used there are options for throttling the amount Mozy is allowed to use.

The same simple pricing structure is available for business users too. Simply pay for as much storage and as many licenses as your organisation needs and scale it when it becomes necessary. The cost of one license depends on whether you want to backup a desktop computer or a whole server, but both come in at a very reasonable rate. The central administration console allows anyone to control user accounts through an intuitive user interface so it doesn't require much technical know-how at all. Business users also get the option to do a local backup to another device, such as a network or USB drive, which is kept in sync with the online backup. Along with the excellent version control system that keeps previous version of files for 30 days, it means your data will be safe no matter what happens.

Mozy is the online backup solution of choice for many businesses around the world and it is building up a large home user base too. We think it's the simplicity that attracts and retains so many satisfied customers and if you're looking for an online backup you won't find any simpler than Mozy. From the pricing structure to the set up through to ongoing use it is incredibly simple. As one of the most secure and reliable online storage services out there Mozy gets a big recommendation from us. There's even a free 2 GB account available, which you can try out instantly, so what are you waiting for?

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