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Category: Online File Storage & Data Backup Sites (AKA Online Cloud Storage Services)
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Sugar Sync Review

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Sugar Sync is a top quality service for online backup and syncing files between multiple devices. If you can think of a feature, SugarSync is likely to already have it and more, all offered in a range of simple packages at very reasonable prices. As it's very hard to fault SugarSync, it is not surprising that it has received our No. 1 Choice Award among Online Storage services. With a generous 30-day free trial on all plans, you have nothing to lose by trying it out.

Getting started with SugarSync is as simple as signing up for an account on their web site. Once you have your log in details you have access to the full functionality on offer and there is a great guide to setting things up which will have you ready to go in minutes. Unlike many backup services SugarSync allows you to specify exactly which folders are backed up during the set up process so you don't backup unnecessary files and you don't have to remember to save files to a certain directory. It's worth spending some time initially to set things up perfectly, as then you can almost get away with never configuring anything again. From that point on, everything runs in the background on your computer and files are backed up and synced automatically.

Once you have files backed up, SugarSync offers a variety of features that let you take advantage of the cloud nature of the storage. You can access files through your web browser or share them with anyone else in the same way – don't worry though, other people can only see files you explicitly allow them to. If you use an iPad or other mobile device you can also get hold of the SugarSync mobile app for your particular device and easily access files in your cloud. This can include streaming music and video, which makes SugarSync a great place to store your mp3 collection so that you can access it anywhere. One aspect we particularly liked is that any photos you upload can automatically be added to albums for easy sharing with your family and friends.

SugarSync offers very simple packages for home users, based on the amount of storage you think you will need. This simple packaging strategy makes it very easy to choose which option to go for, as you don't need to try and figure out which features you need compared to which you will get. Every home package has the same features so you only have to worry about the space you require. Even then, it's easy to upgrade at any time if you are running low so the service can be adapted to suit your needs as they change. The packages start at just $7.49 per month for 100 GB, which we think is great value for money. If you need more space, the 500 GB package is still very reasonably priced at $18.95 per month.

The business packages SugarSync offers provide essentially the same set of features as the home packages with the extra ability to add extra storage space (an impressive 1,000 GB) and extra user accounts at the drop of a hat. Simply install the SugarSync software on your organisation's computers and everything will be automatically backed up and synced without you having to do anything. The user accounts let you specify who can access what, and easily set up teams and groups. An important piece of functionality that we think business users will appreciate is the version control system which automatically stored the last 5 versions of a file you have backed up without it counting towards your total space allocation.

It's easy to see why SugarSync is one of the most popular online backup and syncing solutions around. The full set of features on offer with every package makes it a simple decision on whether to sign up or not and with trial accounts available, we are sure most people will want to give it a try. Check out the links on this page to see if SugarSync could be the solution you or your business are looking for.

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