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Backblaze Review

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BackBlaze is a secure and reliable online backup service that takes the hassle out of ensuring your files are backed up safely. It's suitable for home or business users, but with its simplicity and ease of use we think it is particularly suited for using at home. We like BackBlaze's open and honest style and would highly recommend checking them out if you are looking for an online backup solution.

Getting started with BackBlaze is incredibly simple and the well designed, cleanly laid out web site helps the process along nicely. Simply sign up for an account and download the small client application when you are prompted. This installs literally within about three clicks and will then begin to automatically find all of your important documents to ready them for backing up. You are in control of when the things get backed up but at first you might want to use the scheduler to do it overnight as there could be a lot to upload. After this though you can leave the software to intelligently detect when you aren't using your computer and back up then.

BackBlaze has some smart features which make it an extremely efficient and cost effective backup service. The most important thing is that it offers unlimited storage on all accounts so you don't have to worry about having too much to backup. This could mean quite a lot of uploading if you have a lot of files. But BackBlaze's smart software will detect the changes to your files in further backups and only upload these – thereby saving on slowing down your internet connection by using up the bandwidth. Finally previous versions of all your files are kept for four weeks so if you mess something up you can easily revert  to an earlier copy.

BackBlaze's monthly rate for accounts is extremely reasonable considering that you get unlimited storage and a whole lot of features for your money. However it does get a bit more expensive if you want to order physical copies of your backed up date. In the event that you have to restore your data you can easily download a copy of it for free, but you also have the option of splashing the cash and ordering a copy of it on DVD or USB drive. This is a useful service to offer, but it is quite expensive compared to the monthly rate.

BackBlaze is a very reasonably priced backup service and offers all the features a home user would need to safely back up their data. Business users might want to get their requirements straight before signing up though as the enterprise feature set doesn't quite stack up to some of the competition. Either way, a free trial is available which is well worth trying out. Follow the links on this page to see what you think.

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