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DropBox Review

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Dropbox is easily one of the simplest online storage and syncing solutions around at the moment. The company's mission is to keep things as simple as possible for the user while providing a very high quality service behind the scenes. It does this very well and we suggest checking out the web site for an idea of just how simple things can get! We think Dropbox is ideal for anyone who is still slightly apprehensive about whether or not they will be able to make use of an online storage service.

Just browsing the Dropbox website seems to bring a calming sense of simplicity to the world. Everything has been expertly designed and works very quickly and smoothly. This experience continues into signing up for an account and then getting set up by installing the client software. Even complete computer novices would be hard pushed to get something wrong here as the process is just so polished. The software is available for Windows, Mac and Linux as well as there being separate apps for all the main mobile platforms.

The Dropbox service itself is aimed at helping you get access to your files from wherever you are and this is what it does brilliantly. It's not an automated backup solution though so if that's what you are looking for check out some of the other products in our top ten. After installing the client software on your computer any files that you copy into your Dropbox folder will almost instantly be available to you anywhere. If you have multiple computers you can just install the software on them too and easily sync files between your Dropboxes. Alternatively you can just access your files at any time over a secure connection just using your web browser. The mobile apps that Dropbox offers allow you to access your files on an iPad, iPhone, Android or Blackberry device with the same smooth user experience you see on the desktop. You can even upload photos and videos direct from your mobile device to your Dropbox.

Dropbox is also perfect for sharing files with your friends and family. Instead of sending out huge email attachments you can simply send out a link from Dropbox and anyone you choose can see your uploaded files. If you create a folder of photos you can even automatically set it to display as a great looking photo gallery. You're in complete control though and can specify who can see what at any time. If you are working on a project with someone you can also set up a shared folder so that your collaborators can upload files too. This could be extremely handy for students or freelance workers.

Although Dropbox seems extremely simple on the surface, behind the scenes it is very technically impressive too. Your files are stored in state of the art, secure data centres and all transfers are handled using very secure SSL connections. You can also configure things on the desktop to control the amount of bandwidth Dropbox can use if you feel your connection is slowing down. However, the smart algorithms ensure that only the changes to your files are uploaded which minimizes the bandwidth used.

Dropbox is an excellent service for home users looking for a way of getting access to their important files wherever they are in the world. We are sure small businesses can make excellent use of the service too, but there are no business-specific packages on offer. The Pro account offers plenty of storage space though and would be a good option. For its sheer simplicity we think Dropbox is well worth a look, but if that wasn't enough there's also a free account on offer to anyone who wants to try!

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