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Nomadesk Review

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Nomadesk is a highly secure and fully featured online storage and backup solution. Unusually it's mainly based around a desktop application as opposed to a web-based interface, but many people prefer this type of interaction. It works well for collaborating with friends or colleagues as well as sharing files over the web and the unlimited storage space that comes with every plan will be welcome by anyone who has a lot of files to manage.

Signing up for a Nomadesk account is a breeze and whether you want a personal or enterprise account you can be signed up in minutes. The site provides plenty of information to help you decide whether or not Nomadesk is for you, but we do feel it could do with some more details of how the service actually works. Things run slightly differently to a typical online storage account so it would be useful for more technical users to know how things work behind the scenes. However, the service is very well supported and a quick call or email to customer services will answer any questions you may have.

To start using your Nomadesk account you must download the fileserver software that is available for Windows or Mac operating systems. It works pretty much the same on both and provides access to all the features Nomadesk offers. Synchronizing local folders with your online storage space is as simple as dropping them onto a particular window and then Nomadesk will know to synchronise everytime there is a change. Only the changes to files are stored each time which saves you time and bandwidth when synchronizing. When it comes to collaboration all it takes is to enter someone's email address into a form to give them permission to access your fileserver. Depending on their permissions they can then view, change or add files and you can see the results instantly.

Nomadesk particularly stands out due to the excellent security features it offers. All files are encrypted locally using strong 256 bit encryption before being uploaded to the Nomadesk servers. This means not even the staff at Nomadesk can see your files. The software also has the ability to remotely shred your files if you lose your computer. At the click of a button you can delete everything you have synced from the hard drive so that no one can access them. The same feature also allows you to track where your computer is via Google maps.

Nomadesk is a cost effective and easy to use storage solution. We don't know how they can afford to offer unlimited storage at these prices, but somehow they manage, so it makes sense to take advantage! It perhaps isn't the easiest online storage solution to get to grips with, but is by no means difficult and we would recommend it to all but complete novices. Check out our top ten for some of the best services around as a comparison.

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