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JustCloud is one of only a handful of online storage companies that offer unlimited storage for a fixed price. This, along with their intuitively designed software, extensive features and high security make JustCloud a good choice for those seeking to backup their data online.

JustCloud uses a small desktop application on your primary computer to backup all of your chosen files and folders to the cloud. Once your files are backed up, you can access them via JustCloud's web interface from any device that has an internet connection, whether it be a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. As you make changes to your existing files or add new files, JustCloud will automatically back them up to the cloud for you. This can be done on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly schedule or you can run the backup routine manually at any time at the click of a mouse.

You can also set the software to automatically backup new files as soon as they are added and backup existing files as soon as changes are made to them. This is all done in the background for you, without you having to do anything, giving you great peace of mind that your files are always securely backed up.

There are no restrictions on file types or file sizes, so you can easily back up your photos, movies, and documents to the cloud. You can, however, set your own restrictions on file types and file sizes, so if for instance you wanted to backup your entire hard drive but exclude all your movies in order to save on cloud storage space, you can easily change the settings to ignore movie file types such as .mpg and .avi.

Syncing files and folders between different computers is also easy. Just add any files or folders you wish to sync to your dedicated Sync folder and JustCloud will keep these files perfectly up to date on multiple computers. This can be very useful for working from home, for instance. Just set JustCloud to sync certain files on your work computer with those on your home computer.

As you make changes to the synced files on your primary computer, these changes are automatically updated to the cloud. Your changes are then automatically downloaded from the cloud to your second computer so that both sets of files on both computers are always perfectly synchronised.

The syncing is not limited to two computers either - you can use JustCloud to sync your files and folders on multiple computers, ensuring that you always have access to the latest files. This is great for online collaboration between multiple colleagues and also for keeping all your family's photos and music up-to-date on all your home computers.

Beyond storing and syncing your files, JustCloud also includes file versioning - a really useful feature, lacking in most other online storage solutions. File versioning means that previous versions of your files and folders are also stored on the cloud, and are not over-written by the latest version each time a backup is performed. This means that should you make a mess of any particular document or should a file become corrupted for whatever reason, you can restore a previous version of that file. JustCloud also keeps a detailed history of all your actions. This adds an extra layer of resiliency to an already robust data backup solution.

Sharing files and folders using JustCloud couldn't be easier. Files you choose to make public can be shared on Facebook or Twitter, whereas those you choose to make private can be shared via a private link which you can send to anyone by email. You can set file permissions, allowing others to view the files, but not edit or delete them for instance. And you can also set expiration dates, so that files and folders are only visible for a certain period of time before becoming being hidden from view again. With JustCloud you have complete control over who sees what and when.

Security is a big concern for anyone wishing to store their files online. Not just the security of the file transfer process, but also the security of the storage system used to store your files online. JustCloud uses 256-bit SSL (Secured Socket Layer) technology for the file transfer process and also for storing your files online. This is double the data encryption bit rate of many other cloud storage services. This type of encryption means that your files are scrambled in such a way that they are completely inaccessible without the key. This type of military-grade encryption is the same level of encryption used by banks to store your financial details online.

Furthermore, JustCloud's storage system is powered by Amazon's S3 service. Amazon S3 has never lost a file and promise a 99.99999999% data storage guarantee. To put it another way, if you were to upload 10,000 files, only 1 file would be lost every 10 million years. JustCloud manage this level of resiliency in their service by storing your files on multiple servers in multiple locations, so not even fire or flood can destroy them!

JustCloud is also intuitively designed and easy to use. The small downloadable app that you download to your primary computer integrates fully with Windows operating systems 7, 2000, XP and Vista (32 & 64 bit). After installing the app you'll find that the menu that appears when you right click on any file, folder or partition will include options for backing up that file or folder to JustCloud, either immediately or by adding it to your backup set of files - the file or folder will then be backed up at the next scheduled backup time.

Beyond that, your files can be backed up and restored using JustCloud's web interface, meaning you can backup and restore files to any device with an internet connection and web browser, like your Mac, tablet or iPhone.

For more details on the features and functionality of JustCloud, why not check out some of the JustCloud video tutorials under the Videos tab above.

The payment options provided are also highly competitive and very flexible. The different packages on offer include Home, Premium and Unlimited and only vary in the amount of storage space on offer, with the Unlimited package offering unlimited storage (something rarely offered at any cost by most other online storage services).

The 1-month options on each package means you can afford to try out the service at a very reasonable rate without shelling out too much money. The 2-year options, on the other hand, provide the lowest monthly cost and therefore the best value for money, although you will need to pay for the whole term upfront.

Although easy-to-use and packed with features, it is the unlimited storage on the Unlimited package that really impressed us, and it is this feature that really sets JustCloud apart from much of the competition.

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