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Storegate Review

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Storegate is a fairly run of the mill online backup and storage service with nothing to make it particularly stand out from the crowd. The service worked fine in our tests, but there isn't much in the way of support on the web site if things go wrong. Neither does there seem to be enough information on the different plans available as we couldn't tell what added value is on offer with the business level plans, but perhaps you'll have more luck!

Storegate's web site is nice to look at, but we really did find it a struggle navigating our way around to find the information we wanted. The plans on offer just aren't very well explained, with a business plan being twice the price of a home plan without any obvious benefits. This is a big problem if Storegate hope to sell any products as no one is going to part with their cash until they know exactly what they are getting.

We got Storegate's Online Backup service working without too much bother. You can upload and download files using the web interface, but to take advantage of the automated backup functionality you will have to download the client application, which is only available for Windows. It wasn't the best application we have ever seen, but if all you are after is a simple daily backup it should do the job well enough. The web interface is fairly easy to use, but you had better hope nothing goes wrong as there is precious little in the way of support on the web site.

As well as being able to automatically back up your hard drive you can also share files you have uploaded to your Storegate account. Folders full of photos can instantly be turned into web albums that look great and are easy to navigate through a web browser. It's also possible to share whole folders or individual files with your family and friends at the click of the button, making Storegate a handy alternative to emailing large files.

We don't rate Storegate too highly here as although it's not too bad there are plenty of other similar services out there which do a better job for a similar, if not better, price. Storegate gets a 'must try harder' on its report card and we would recommend checking out some of the products in our top ten instead.

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