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OpenDrive is an online storage solution that offers a lot of features and a lot of storage space for a very competitive price. The downside is that even the most expensive type of account is bandwidth limited so if you plan on transferring a lot of files every day this might not be the ideal service for you. For high capacity longer term storage without heavy transfer usage though, OpenDrive offers great value for money.

OpenDrive lets you upload files from its easy to use web interface or from one of the dedicated applications for Windows, Mac or iPhone that it provides. Whichever way you choose, the process is very easy and you should have your files backed up in no time. Be warned however, that if you plan on backing up your whole hard drive and are using one of the cheaper accounts, you may hit your bandwidth limit if you try to do everything at once. It will still be possible to do over a number of days, but the same goes for downloading everything again if you have a major crash. We can imagine many people might want to opt for one of the more expensive accounts to up the daily transfer limit.

When files are uploaded to your OpenDrive account a version history is kept of every one so that you can always revert to a previous version if you make a mistake. This is especially handy if you are taking advantage of OpenDrive's multi user capabilities to collaborate on a project. It's even possible with some accounts to allow anyone to upload files to folders you specify. This is something many companies don't offer for security reasons, but can be a very useful feature to have. Where security is concerned OpenDrive uses SSL for transfers, but doesn't specify whether or not your files are stored in encrypted format.

OpenDrive also boasts a whole load of extra features, such as the ability to edit files online, play slide shows directly through the web interface and even stream music and video. However, one of the most interesting things if you are a web app developer is the API it provides to allow you to hook into all the file storage functionality it provides. Used this way OpenDrive can be a very effective tool in any developer's kit.

OpenDrive is a well engineered service with a great amount of features for the price. We were slightly disappointed to see a daily bandwidth limit as many other services have done away with this, but the limits are quite generous. There is a free account available and we would highly recommend giving it a shot if you are looking for great value online storage.

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