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Live Drive is measured in a number of surveys as the top rated online storage vendor on both sides of the Atlantic and it's easy to see why. The service LiveDrive provides is suitable for home and business users alike. LiveDrive is a young and modern company which can be relied upon to keep innovating and to stay ahead of the game. We highly recommend signing up for a free trial today.

From the instant you arrive at LiveDrive's website you can see that this is a highly professional company that really means business. All the information you need is set out clearly and efficiently to allow you to make an informed decision on which service is best for you. The services on offer are split into home, business and reseller packages which differ in their application, but are largely similar in terms of the fundamental features on offer. We will mainly focus on the home and business packages here, but there are some great deals for resellers so check out the web site for more information.

The most basic service for home users provided by LiveDrive is automated backup of the files on your home computer to the LiveDrive cloud. Once you have signed up to the service you download a small application that constantly monitors the files you are working on and backs them up to the cloud whenever they are saved. If the worst happens and you then lose everything from your hard drive all you need to do is install the LiveDrive application again and download everything from the cloud. As well as facilitating backups the LiveDrive cloud lets you access your files online from any computer or even a mobile device. You can view photos or stream music very easily this way.

The next tier up of home service that LiveDrive offers is the Briefcase package which is suited for sharing files between multiple computers. Like all of LiveDrive's services this works on PC or Mac and essentially provides a new drive for you to save all your files to. It's no ordinary drive though, as any files you put in it will automatically be shared with all the computers on your account and so you can access your files wherever you are. It works seamlessly with your operating system, making backing up your files really easy..

LiveDrive's top tier service for home users is the Pro Suite, which provides all of the functionality of the Backup and Briefcase features along with a whole load of extra features which advanced users will appreciate. With this level of service you get version controlled files for up to 30 days, support for FTP and WebDAV access as well as extra support from the LiveDrive team. While it's a great service and excellent value, most home users probably won't need the extra features the Pro Suite provides, but it is possible to upgrade at any time if you need to.

LiveDrive also caters for corporate users with its range of packages tailored towards small to medium sized business. The basic features are still the same, with the ability to automatically backup everything on your company's computers just by installing the software, but business users also get a whole lot more besides. The LiveDrive service can work just like a supercharged network drive with the ability to sync files instantly between computers, set up team folders, see who changed what and more. There is too much functionality to go into detail, but we are sure you will find everything you need to help your staff collaborate effectively, be it from home or in the office.

Whether you are a home user looking to protect your data or are looking for a cloud storage solution for your business, we highly recommend checking out LiveDrive's cloud storage solution. Free trial accounts are available on all of the packages so you can try before you buy.

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