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Stay Clear
24 March 2013
Reviewer: Wompa1 from AZ

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Review of Vaultlogix, after 15 months of use and counting.
1. Price - there are many other providers out there that are cheaper. The claim that vaultlogix is a "business solution" does not compensate for the extra expense. I would agree that a "carbonite" like solution is not appropriate for a business, but there are other solutions that are business class for much less money. As we have discovered, Premium price, does not necessarily mean premium service.

2. Convenience - When we started with them, our first three customers went fairly smooth. On our forth client, a significant flaw in the management portal was revealed to us. It had been explained to us that to add another client you would click the add client button but we got the following message "the data vault where you are attempting to add a new client is not allowing new customers. For the new data vault location please contact Vaultlogix customer support. When we called them they did not know why we were getting this message, but we were given a second username/password and under that logon we could add new customers. Then after some time that username and password would not allow a new account to be created.
So over time how many different logons will we have to manage? Over the 15 months which we have used their software we have not seen an update to the client. Have there been no improvements made to their software for 15 months?

3. Customer Service - Given the lack of a central account for our clients, and the excessive cost per GB. We resolved ourselves to find another solution. We've since found a few other options that seem more suitable. When we reached out to our account rep Grace, we were very surprised with the response. Rather than addressing the reasons why we where considering leaving, or trying to salvage the account we were told that we just automatically renewed for another year. I suppose I should have suspected it, I had looked at the contract not that long ago and didn't see it, the renewal (which is of course absent in the Customer agreement and fee summary) was on the contract terms.

Well, I guess they got me. I asked my rep Grace if she was going to try to force a further 12 month commitment on me when I didn't like the service after 15 months of use. After all, the original rep seemed to be easy going and nice. The initial impression was this was a small business to small business sort of engagement. The most she was willing to do was to send me a copy of my contract. After all Sir, most of the Cell phone providers have contracts like these, I'm sure any lawyer would find no fault in it. I think that Cellular providers hardly set the high water mark for customer service.

In summation, if your looking at VaultLogix, I would recommend you keep looking.

In summary, I would not recommend Vault Logix to a friend.

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