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Please note that Vault Logix has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Vault Logix below, or check out the rest of the Online File Storage & Data Backup Sites we've reviewed.

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Website: http://www.dataprotection.com

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Vault Logix Review

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VaultLogix is a provider of fully integrated solutions for backing up your business's data. Solutions can be tailored to your organisation's requirements and priced accordingly to help you manage your budget. These high end solutions probably aren't suitable for home use, but could be invaluable in protecting business users' interests.

We were slightly disappointed to see that the VaultLogix web site doesn't contain much detailed technical information on the nature of its services. Instead, it seems keen for you to get in touch with the sales team so that they can describe the products on offer. While this is fine, it is useful to be able to read the specs initially to decide if you are interested at all. There are, however, a couple of interesting articles on backup in general on the web site, but being published by VaultLogix they naturally recommend using VaultLogix services.

Broadly speaking there are two types of service that VaultLogix can offer. One is an online backup service where all your data is stored on the VaultLogix servers and the other is where you provide the backup space on your own network and let VaultLogix worry about the nuts and bolts of getting your data there. Which one you choose depends on the resources you have available, but letting VaultLogix handle things end to end is likely to be the most cost efficient if you don't have terrabytes of spare storage space lying around.

Either style of backup service  works with Windows, Linux or Mac desktop machines and can also backup a range of different servers, such as Microsoft Exchange or SQL Server. Everything is handled very efficiently and once the software is installed on your network and computers you get an easy to use central management console to control the backups for your whole organisation. There are a whole lot of useful technical features that you might want to get the IT department to check out though!

VaultLogix provides a range of useful solutions that could benefit any business that doesn't already have an online backup solution in place. However, there are plenty of providers around and it definitely pays to get a quote from as many as possible. We recommend checking out our top ten list before jumping into anything.

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Please note that Vault Logix has now been discontinued.

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