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Wholesale Data Theft
16 May 2014
Reviewer: Dennis Fetcho, Host, Inside The Eye - Live! from Amman, Jordan

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JustCloud's behavior is basically Internet theft. In our case, in their infinite wisdom, they came in the dark of night and just started to download our entire computer - saved only by the issue of 1Gb upload capacity.

JustCloud operates what can only be viewed as a totally unethical, near "scammish", business model. Their "default", which we learned about when we accidentally left a computer on over night, is to default settings to "autoback-up" your entire computer - DATA THEFT, BASICALLY. That JustCloud is GOING TO STEAL your data BY DEFAULT is not made clear.

This is the SCAM part of their business model.

Why JustCloud thinks they need to capture config files, program files, and other non-cloud essential data is beyond me. Essentially they are STEALING DATA you did not really necessarily agree to in their effort to SCAM money on the back side.

After JustCloud came in the dark of night and stole a Gigabit of files, they then sent an arrogant email telling us they "scanned our files" and "found" files that JustCloud believes they have a right to "warehouse" for you.

I am not sure who gave them permission to "scan our files", but JustCloud is a faceless, scam sort of operation.

Solution - get an external storage drive for files that unscrupulous Internet scam companies like JustCloud seek to steal and the basics can go on more honest operations like DropBox or Google.

We have never had Google or DropBox try to steal our entire computer hard disk data.

JustCloud just did.


In summary, I would not recommend Just Cloud to a friend.

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