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Please note that Yuntaa has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Yuntaa below, or check out the rest of the Online File Storage & Data Backup Sites we've reviewed.

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Yuntaa Review

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Yuntaa is an easy to use online storage and backup service aimed at home users looking for a cost effective backup solution. While it isn't the greatest service we have seen, Yuntaa still copes well and is still in beta stage at the moment so may improve in the near future. Our one gripe with this is that it still seems to charge full price even though it is still in beta so we would be hard pushed to recommend Yuntaa over an already well established service.

Yuntaa's web site is cleanly laid out and easy to navigate around. You can be set up and ready to go with a trial account in a matter of minutes. To get started it's best to download the Yuntaa Manager tool if you are running Windows as this makes things very easy to configure. It's not so easy to take advantage of the automated backup features if you are a Mac or Linux user as no tools are provided. Instead you have to make do with the web interface to upload files, but this still can't automate your backups.

With some files uploaded to Yuntaa you start to see what this online storage business is all about. Wherever you happen to be you can easily log into your account through a web browser and access the files there. Some files can also be edited directly through the web interface. It's very easy to share files in just a couple of clicks and this works as a great alternative to emailing large attachments. Finally, if you have uploaded some photos to your account you are only a few clicks away from ordering prints of your favourites direct to your door.

As well as being an online storage service Yuntaa allows you to set up regular backups from your hard drive to your account. The Yuntaa Manager lets you specify which files should be backed up and how often; server side a full version history of all of your files is stored. This makes it very handy if you make a mess of something and want to revert to something you did a few months ago.

Yuntaa does an ok job of handling your online storage and backup needs, but we feel it could be improved upon. We also can't see how the company can justify charging full price for a service that is still in beta version, and has been for rather a long time. However, the service does work and prices are on the cheaper end of what's around. We would recommend checking out our top ten though for some of the best deals we have found.

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Please note that Yuntaa has now been discontinued.

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