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Please note that KineticD Online Backup has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of KineticD Online Backup below, or check out the rest of the Online File Storage & Data Backup Sites we've reviewed.

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Website: http://kineticd.com/en/your-business/backup-recovery

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KineticD Online Backup Review

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KineticD is a continuous online backup service which aims to provide small to medium sized businesses with enterprise grade capabilities. There isn't anything aimed at home users here so if that's what you're looking for we would suggest trying some of the excellent products in our top ten. Otherwise, read on to see what we though of KineticD's online backup service.

With a very professional looking web site and a well featured product we could see many businesses keen to take advantage of KineticD's services. The plans on offer are very flexible, which is great if your business is growing as it is very easy to add more storage to your plan and the service itself does everything that a decent online backup service should. It's possible to back up PCs, Macs or whole servers which should just about cover all the valuable data in your business.

To start using KineticD on your company's computers you must install the client application on any machine you want to back up. Once this is done it constantly monitors changes to the files on the computer and saves them to be backed up later on when there is no one using it. This is great in terms of not slowing the computer down, but if a disaster occurs between saving the changes and uploading them to the cloud you could stand to lose some valuable data. As you would expect from a serious company the whole process is very secure and a version history of all backed up files is kept.

As an extra feature KineticD can provide a virtual desktop service whereby you can access all of your files by logging into a remote desktop from another PC, iPhone or iPad. With this service you can also install and use applications on the virtual desktop, which is very useful if you have staff spread around different geographical locations. It costs extra over and above the usual plans, but can be a well worthwhile investment in the right situation.

KineticD could be an excellent service for many businesses, but it would be important to figure out your exact requirements before signing up. The way the plans are structured it could end up costing quite a lot if your usage of the service became too high. However, with a great range of features and top notch customer support KineticD may well be worth the spend.

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Please note that KineticD Online Backup has now been discontinued.

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