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Please note that iStorage has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of iStorage below, or check out the rest of the Online File Storage & Data Backup Sites we've reviewed.

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Website: http://www.iomega.com/na/products/istorage_home.html

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iStorage Review

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iStorage is the online storage service from well known digital storage company iOmega. You would most often associate them with high quality, but expensive USB drives and their online offering is no different. Unfortunately their online storage service verges too far on the expensive side without offering the features we would expect. Behind the scenes it does seem good quality, but we feel better deals can be had elsewhere.

iStorage provides all the features necessary for backing up your files and accessing them from any computer. Subscribers of the pro version can also create multiple user accounts and assign them to different security groups. Although all the features are there, iStorage isn't the easiest service we found to use. It is by no means difficult, but a little more time and effort spent on user interface design would go a long way. The area iStorage really excels in is the back end functionality that keeps your data secure and reliable. Their data centres use only the highest quality components and use proven techniques, such as redundancy, to ensure data integrity.

The main interface for iStorage is web based and can be accessed from any Active X enabled web browser. This means most browsers these days - although you may have to alter your security settings to get it to work, which shouldn't be necessary really. The interface is very professional looking and provides neat drag and drop functionality for uploading your files. It also includes a 'Whalemail' feature which allows you to share files with non iStorage users by sending them a link to an uploaded file.

iStorage also provides a small client application which handles automatic backups on your desktop. It is easy to set up and the backup schedule is set during the install process so that you never need to think about it again once it is installed. Unfortunately it is only available for Windows at the moment with no immediate plans to include compatibility for Mac or Linux.

Security is well integrated into the whole iStorage service and does everything you need to keep your files safe from intruders. All transfers are handled using 128-bit SSL encryption which is sufficient for sensitive data. Also, files are encrypted using the widely approved AES algorithm while being stored on the iStorage servers.

While iStorage isn't a bad service we feel it could be a lot better just by making a few tweaks. Everything is starting to seem a bit dated and with a little effort could be revamped. The prices are some of the highest we have seen and will most likely put casual users off, but businesses may be happy to pay for a trusted name like iOmega. However, we would always recommend checking out what else is around first. A good place to start would be our top ten list!

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Please note that iStorage has now been discontinued.

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