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29 December 2011
Reviewer: Jonatec from UK

224 of 423 people found this review helpful

I have trialled many online backup services and DriveHQ beats the rest for sure.


Although I use an alternative app for disk image backup and management. DriveHQ is exceptionally good for:

* Online, real-time backup, particularly of documents.
* Ease of use, intuitive client apps, v.good
* Restore in the event of a problem v.easy
* Reliable, never had a problem with server outage.
* Very good web-based facility with file drag/drop.
* Can FTP no problem.
* Excellent mobile app (iPhone), I use it as a DropBox for easily getting documents onto my phone.
* Overall quality, never hangs or crashes.
* Not very intrusive or resource intensive.
* Perform v.well.
* The account also comes with free email and website hosting.


* Client backup app; although it handles versioning, not much control over backup type ie. full or incremental.
* A tad on the pricey side, compared with many freebies, DriveHQ doesn't give much away. Once Google enable FTP access, I think with the cheap storage available DriveHQ will have to re-think their price plan or lose custom.
* Billing system is rocket science, can be confusing.
* A database backup facility would be nice.

On balance; an excellent, highly polished backup system!

In summary, I would recommend Drive HQ to a friend.

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Tons of features, great for business despite minor issues
29 September 2011
Reviewer: Kevin S. from New York, USA

216 of 418 people found this review helpful

DriveHQ is great, especially if you need an inexpensive IT solution to run your business. I use mainly the file sharing and online backup solutions, but they offer a lot more so it should be well suited for the needs of most organizations. the thing that sets them apart from competitors is they offer advanced features like drive mapping and true FTP hosting. So as I wouldn't consider myself a novice computer user it meets my needs very well, but I believe its also designed for non-tech savvy people. I had a few hiccups in the beginning with their pricing scheme and figuring out how to use their FTP service, but their support staff was very helpful.

In summary, I would recommend Drive HQ to a friend.

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Drivehq.com is ideal for multiple-user sharing
18 September 2011
Reviewer: Architecture2006 from Chicago, IL, USA

210 of 400 people found this review helpful

Drivehq's folder sharing feature perfectly solved my company's needs. We need to share files with a few clients, each of them should only see files shared to them. They also should not have to sign up. We tried drivehq's free group account service, it is easy to setup and it allows us to share different folders to different clients with different permissions. The software is easy to use, esp. for upload and download -- you can drag and drop files. The group sharing feature may require a few more minutes to understand, but it really gets the job done nicely. The storage price is not the lowest, however, it is very reasonable, esp. they don't charge extra for business use, and they don't charge for multiple computer licenses. The user license is priced very low, they only charge $2.99/month for 5 user licenses.

In summary, I would recommend Drive HQ to a friend.

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DriveHQ sevice is for business
25 September 2010
Reviewer: Patrickco from Denver

225 of 453 people found this review helpful

We have used DriveHQ service for a few years and I disagree with the first user. DriveHQ service is reasonably (or low) priced for businesses. 1GB free, $29/year for entry level paid service is cheap even for home users. For businesses, paying $129/year or even $899/year is not so expensive. You need to factor in what services and features you get with the service. Our company saves money on file server, online backup and folder synchronization. More importantly, we can all access files from office, home, hotel or anywhere; and we can share folders to our clients and set different permissions for different clients.

In summary, I would recommend Drive HQ to a friend.

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It is ideal for business.
05 August 2010
Reviewer: Clark from New York, USA

235 of 423 people found this review helpful

I used it for personal use; the cost is not the lowest, but I really like the features. I recommended it to my manager, now the company is using the service. The FileManager client software works extremely well for group sharing and collaboration; and it also makes it very easy to share files with external clients, esp. when you need to share different folders and set different permissions.

In summary, I would recommend Drive HQ to a friend.

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